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Nine Line 22 A Day T-Shirt - Product Details

Nine Line 22 A Day T-Shirt

Nine Line 22 A Day T-Shirt in Apparel

Nine Line 22 A Day T-Shirt.  This T-Shirt is a great way to bring awareness to the Suiside Epidemic that plagues our veterans daily.

The terrors of war are unbearable for some of our nation’s soldiers and veterans. Scrutiny, lack of support, and misunderstanding, are significant contributors to the sense of despair and hopelessness that is prevalent among many of those who have served our nation. As a result of this, as many as 22 veterans per day take their own lives. Veterans should not be dying, after putting their lives on the line in service to our country’s freedom. Those who have served deserve only the best support that is available, especially in terms of psychiatric and medical care. They should be honored and protected. For this reason, Nine Line hopes to raise awareness of the severity of this issue. We have partnered with 22 Until None, a nonprofit organization devoted to ending the veteran suicide epidemic that is rampant across our country.

We are our brothers’ keeper, and we shall not abandon them.

Available in Men's T - Gray

Available in Ladies T - Black

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