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9-11 Never Forget T-Shirt - Product Details

9-11 Never Forget T-Shirt

9-11 Never Forget T-Shirt in Apparel

Military Pride is offering an exclusive version of our "9-11 Never Forget" Design T-Shirt.  The t-shirt is offered in pebble.  It has a stunning, full-color, silk-screened graphic shown above on the front.  The eagle is spreading its magnificent wings showing our majestic flag and vivid graphics from that historic day.  The eagle's talons are clutching the Fireman's cross and in the center, the Pentagon and Flight 93 are represented.  This design represents all facets of that historic day. 
The design is exclusive to Military Pride and this is the only place you can get it.  Limited number produced, so get them before they are gone.
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Price: $20.95 - $24.95

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